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Jennifer Aniston has finally hinted she is prepared to star in another episode of hit sit-com Friends.

The Break-Up actress has always maintained she would never go back to Friends after the show ended in 2004 after dominating the airwaves for ten years.

 Shes gonna back in F.R.I.E.N.D.S

However, in a TV interview aired today Aniston says she misses her former co-stars David Schwimmer, Courteney Cox-Arquette, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry, and is prepared to hook up with them again for a one-off episode.

She tells Channel 4’s Richard & Judy Show, “I do at times miss it. The only thing I can think of is maybe for fun doing a Thanksgiving episode.”

This follows Cox-Arquette – who remains Aniston’s closest pal from the show – recently saying, “I can see us coming together for something like a Thanksgiving show. I think they see each other every year.”

Source : entertainmentwise.com


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Life is Beautiful

Its true. Life is beautiful. We have joy , sorrow, pain ,madness,crush,happiness everything in our life. This is the perfect beauty. I can recall a song by Kishore Kumar. In hindi the lyrics were such that ” Jindegi ke safar hain Suahana, Yaha kal kya ho kise jana” [ The Journey of life is beautiful , no one can tell what will happen tomorrow]

sometimes I get frustated. I think life is hell. But I know its not the truth. The truth is, life is absolute. I dont know whether theres any heaven or hell at all. I do belive in present.

I am alive, so try to enjoying every second I  live , Every Breath I take , Every steps I make.

Hats off to Life.

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NEW YORK (AP) — An impromptu back rub that President George W. Bush gave German Chancellor Angela Merkel is now massaging millions of funnybones.

A 5-second video and series of photographs recently posted on YouTube.com and various blogs show Bush surprising Merkel at the G-8 Summit by quickly rubbing the back of her neck and shoulders. The chancellor immediately hunches her shoulders, throws her arms up and grimaces, though she appears to smile as Bush walks away.


The video has been one of the most popular clips on the Web and spawned countless remarks on the particulars of etiquette for world leaders. (Watch Merkel’s reaction — :46)

Coupled with Bush’s use of an expletive at the summit and a U.S. senator comparing the Internet to a “series of tubes,” the incident reveals anew the power of the Web — and YouTube, specifically — to beam embarrassing political gaffes around the world.

Larry Sabato, professor of politics at the University of Virginia, agrees that today, public figures have to be more careful in “a thousand ways.” But he maintains sites like YouTube can be revealing.

“If they’re not doing something that’s embarrassing, they have nothing to worry about,” he says. “A president ought to know enough not to use an expletive in a fairly open meeting and almost any male alive today knows that you don’t offer uninvited massages to any female, much less the Chancellor of Germany.”

Many writers saw a sexist aspect to Bush’s back rub. “This isn’t a Sigma Chi kegger, it’s the G-8 Summit,” wrote blogger Christy Hardin Smith on Firedoglake.com.

(Bush was actually in Delta Kappa Epsilon. Another Web 2.0 truism: Blogs are not always friendly with the facts.)

Earlier this week, Bush was recorded using the s-word while discussing the Mideast with British Prime Minister Tony Blair. An mp3 of Bush’s line, posted by The New York Times, has been a popular download — ranking two spots ahead of Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack” on The Hype Machine, a Web site that charts the most-linked audio tracks by blogs.

No one need remind former presidential hopeful Howard Dean of the political ramifications of the Web — nor Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska.

The 82-year-old Republican, chairman of the Senate Committee on Science, Commerce and Transportation, has been parodied mercilessly by bloggers after referring to the Internet as a “series of tubes” and for mistakenly calling an e-mail “an Internet.” A music video for the “DJ Ted Stevens Techno Remix” is currently playing on YouTube.

Like Bush’s closed-door G-8 meeting, a speech by Sen. Stevens was once unlikely to reach many people. But now sites like YouTube can strike anytime, anywhere.

Even when you’re getting a massage.

Source : CNN online.

You may get this VDO from this link


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By the time I am writing [ July 26 , 7:08 BDT], me and other users like me using bttb service [directly or indirectly , actually I want to mean using submarince cable facility],have just passed through a hell.

i cant clearly state from when it starts , but yesterday at night 10 pm , when I opened My pc, I have found that there was no active net connection.Then at around 11 pm , I we have got the line for 20-30 minz. Then it went again. And I have got the line next day @ approximately 12 pm.

I Guess ISPs having Vsat backup hadnt suffered this. Now just imagine what the hell is this ?

Countrys leading provider and only authorized provider has lost it link for such a long time ! Is this desirable?

actually Govt. Just wanted so show that they bring the submarine cable and blah blah… but they failed manage enough alternatives. They dont have enough backups.

so , bttb ppl , go hell with your submarine ….. try to back when you have stability….till that Vsat is OK.

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Opera on Ubuntu

Ubuntu Makes Opera 9 available for easy download and installation

After the launch of Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, Canonical is pleased to announce the availability of Opera 9 for Ubuntu. With just a few clicks of the mouse, all Ubuntu users can download and install the latest version of the Opera browser, which was released to critical acclaim on June 20.

With its innovative technology and ease of use, Opera is a perfect match for Ubuntu. The two organizations have similar beliefs and values that are woven into their products.

“Opera 9 provides the most advanced browsing experience on Linux today,” said Håkon Wium Lie, CTO, Opera Software and long-time Ubuntu user. “We’ve had a Linux browser for a long time, but Opera 9 includes new optimizations specifically for the platform. I think Ubuntu users will like how easy it is to install Opera. It gives me yet another reason to love Ubuntu.”

“As a part of our programme to deliver a choice of the very best applications available, we have worked closely with the Opera team, and are able to make the very latest version immediately,” said Malcolm Yates, Partner and ISV Manager at Canonical Ltd. “With a few easy clicks from the Ubuntu desktop, all Ubuntu 6.06 LTS users can install Opera 9.”


By using the Ubuntu Add / Remove Programs feature, users can choose to install a wide variety of applications. This announcement continues the drive to ensure Ubuntu gives real choice and real flexibility as well as an easy to use interface that everyone can use.

Ubuntu users can learn more about what the Opera browser can do at www.opera.com/features.

Source : http://www.ubuntu.com

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Just Look at the picture

This picture is taken from a daily newspaper. Its about attack on Journalists in M.A.Aziz stadium,ctg.

Just look, how the cruel police is beating an old respetcable journalist  in bd.


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If you are a great lover of indian masala then follow this…

As this pic is huge in length n width so I m posting the thumbnail…i am sure you will check the originial image 😉


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