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This night I have just finished watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Frankly speaking , this last episode of the last season has totally touched me. There’s a bit history of my F.R.I.E.N.D.S. watching. I saw my friends were watching some  TV serial desperately namedF.R.I.E.N.D.S. FOREVER F.R.I.E.N.D.S.  That time I decided not to let myself flow in that same stream , i mean i thought actually that ” huh , a tv serial ?? no time to spend on it , I am busy with my pc stuffs.” but I was completely wrong. One day I found that I have nothing to do that day , so I brought some DVDs of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. from my friend Arnab. Well , actually after seeing an episode I can’t help my self watching all the episodes.

Last episode of the last season was something very sorrowful. I mean 2 people said me that they would be happy if they didn’t watch that episode. I also felt in the same way. 6 friends share two consecutive apartments. Lived 10 years and then all left that place but one. All married , have their own family , two made a move to outer city and thus only one left. I was really feeling very sorry at last scene , where 6 keys were placed on a table in a bare apartment. May be it’s a weird analogy but it reminds me of the famous bangla song “Coffee house er shei adda ta” by Manna Dey. And truly i have thought about my friends. May be after 10 years we won’t be together. It’s really hard to believe that I will live without them , but I guess that’s the way time goes on !

hey , so it’s a hats off ( and obviously very very late) to whole F.R.I.E.N.D.S. team. Their brilliant  work made it possible to rule the people heart so many days.


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We do copy various data by ctrl+c for pasting elsewhere. This copied data is stored in clipboard and is accessible from the net by a combination of Javascripts and ASP.

Just try this:
1) Copy any text by ‘ctrl+c’
2) Click the Link: http://www.sourcecodesworld.com/special/clipboard.asp
You will see the text you copied on the Screen which was accessed by this web page.ctrl+c (Check it out !!)

I have tested it under IE and Firefox.

Firefox is secure and does not pass your clipboard data. I have a fairly default Firefox configuration and it appears to be secure “out of the box.”

IE, on the other hand, gave up my clipboard contents to a complete stranger. That is not acceptable!

What to do in IE:

1) In Internet Explorer, Go to Tools -> Internet options -> Security
2) Press Custom level.
3) In the security settings, select disable under Allow paste operations via script and click on ‘OK. (Now the contents of your clipboard are safe.)

So , Its clear that , IE has still a long path to go !

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At first I should admit that , this topic came to my head after reading an article in famous Magazine Anondolok published from Kolkata. And in this point I also want to state clearly that , I am writing this article only because I think these things should really change. Nothing else !

just try to remember the scenes you have seen from childhood in bangladeshi cinemas ? No , no  dont try to lie ! Admit that , from adolescence period ,  you have started to like the scenes that exposed a lot. So you must observe that , there are some certain problems in our movies.Like What ?

Like , hero seems to kiss heroine. You are waiting for some very romantic ,deep ,Fun ! passionate kiss , but all on a sudden hero’s head come in-front of heroines lips and you dont have any idea , what are they doing ?

Like , in a very passionate bed scene , where you expect that , both of the actor and actress have a close time , you will find something different. You will find that , hero is rubbing his face on heroines shoulder and trust me you have to believe that , it’s love making !!

And the funniest part is the analogy. In moment of a deep love , they show some butterfly making love or a couple of bird. So , bird or butterfly start to replace human , huh !!

Well, there’s a common misconception in people now. In Bangladesh , we think a movie without violence and odd sexual act is a great movie and that would tend to move people towards hall. But is that true ? I guess not. Foolish acting like a buffoon , artificial dialogue with no emotion is just a shit.

Its true , we have a really bad time with odd sexual scenes and I would like to say its a pornography. But that doesnt mean we have to hurt natural flow of art. We have to show what situation want. We are not bound make all the family movies. We can introduce age level categories. But we cant just making these funny stuffs. I am not telling to introduce unnecessary sex scene in movies but I want to say make the necessary sex scenes a bit reliable , a bit perfect and a bit touchy.

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What is ?

Got something very amusing from Internet. New definitions that would reflect a bit humor !

check it ….

1. Cigarette: A pinch of tobacco rolled in paper with fire at one end & a fool at the other.

2. Love affairs: Something like cricket where one-day internationals are more popular than a five day test.

3. Marriage: It’s an agreement in which a man loses his bachelor degree and a woman gains her master

4. Conference Room: A place where everybody talks, nobody listens & everybody disagrees later on.

5. Smile: A curve that can set a lot of things straight.

6. Experience: The name men give to their mistakes.

7. Atom Bomb: An invention to end all inventions.

8. Father: A banker provided by nature.

9. Criminal: A guy no different from the rest… except that he got caught.

10. Boss: Someone who is early when you are late and late when you are early.

11. Doctor: A person who kills your ills by pills, and kills you with his bill

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I always admit that I am old fashioned man. The word fashion is applicable in both sense. Those who has seen me can verify this. I always wear very normal pant [ even I don’t like Jeans that too much] and most of the time normal t-shirt or full sleeve shirt. Not only according to dress , i am a man of old fashion in thinking also.

Why I am telling this ?

Because, I have heard something very progressive. What is that ? Well , make yourself a little steady before hearing those words [ if you are old fashioned like me !!]. Someone told me that , after so many years of liberation, it’s meaningless to discuss about Pakistan collaborator Jamat-E-Islami i mean what they did in 71. Another man also told that , 71 isLIberation war..nothing but past ? past , it’s finished.Why we should talk about that ? Lets move forward. Yes , we should move foroward , why not ? We will move forward by kicking our nation’s ass. By throwing our freedom fighter’s sacrifice to dustbin.Why we should bother about that ? They are so damn old man . They are ancient , They are part of history.Another

man told me , after sometime , there will be no war criminals in jamat-e-islami [ as after some 20-30 years after no razakars wont be alive]. then why should we hate them ?

Again the first man argued , after 71 , to present , there are many women raped by AL/BNP supporter. Then why we should look at only Jamat for their deed?

Just one thing to say from me. Watch my last posted video in blog from youtube. At very last , you would see that , Jamat-Ameer Niazmi told that “after so many years of liberation, it’s not an issue”

do you find any analogy ?

I have nothing to say. Answear is in your hand.

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Nothing to tell about the news of joy. Already all people around the globe has known that ,Dr.Yunus Dr. Yunus got Nobel peace award. Its such a great reward for us. In our country , we dont have hope for years. We are consecutive champions in World Corruption competition. We have a country full of ignorant ,greedy and fraud politicians. We are known as most catastrophic country in the outer world. We have the gentle most police force among the whole world.

We are in deep black darkness.

One man came with light. His light enlightened the whole country such as rest of the world looks gloomy !

Dr.Yunus taught us how t0 dream. How to write own fate. So a most expected award for him. Congratulation Mr.Yunus !!

Yeah , the day Dr.Yunus got Nobel prize, is also memorable for other reason. On that very day , great writer Pratibha basu went away. I was familiar with him after reading his classic autobiography “Jeebon er jol chobi” . Its hard to believe how much colorful life can be ! With whom she didn’t met in her life ? With all the major persons of that era , she has some interaction. In childhood she got , Rabindranath Tagore. She was a great singer of that time. She was one of them rarest female singer singing for HMV in those days. She learnt song from kazi Nazrul Islam too. World class and top most scientist Sattyen Bose also loves her song. In personal life she was better half of Famous writer Buddhadeb Bosu. he broguht her in writintg world. She lived a long alone life. Her husband , son all died in front of her eyes. She wrote in her book what is called struggle. She showed in other books , how much logical she was !

In her departure, I think  its end of an era in bengali literature.

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Very few Internet users are present now [ who used Internet for amusement too!] , who haven’t heard yet about Youtube. Its special gift of Web 2.0 like flickr.

Anyway , generally video sites like youtube or google wouldn’t let you download files from their server. You have to see that online. Well, that’s not proper web 2.0 behaviour.

so its been discovered a long time ago , how to download files from these servers. A few days ago , I have posted a youtube video in blog .After that , some people told me that , they want the video to be in their collection.So for them , I am posting this !

let me clear one thing, this download method best works for Mozilla FireFox. A bit different ways for IE. Some Browsers like Netscape doesn’t support this method.

In FireFox What is actually done is , a web script interface controller extension is installed. Then you have to put a js which let you download the file… now enjoy this method !

FireFox Users download the following extensions for your browser :

Download extension

you are done !

This tool is from videodownloader.net . After installing , you have to restart browser

VideoDownloader add a small icon on the status bar at the bottom of your FireFox window, and a toolbar button. Just click that and download the video you are watching !

For a example of what this Add-on has to offer, visit the following…


Sites supported:

Youtube, Google Video, iFilm, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Myspace, Angry Alien, AnimeEpisodes.Net, Badjojo, Blastro, Blennus, Blip.tv, Bofunk, Bolt, Break.com, Castpost, CollegeHumor, Current TV, Dachix, Danerd, DailySixer.com, DevilDucky, Double Agent, eVideoShare, EVTV1, FindVideos, Free Video Blog, Grinvi, Grouper, Hiphopdeal, Kontraband, Lulu TV, Midis.biz, Music.com, MusicVideoCodes.info, MySpace Video Code, Newgrounds, NothingToxic, PcPlanets, Pixparty, PlsThx, Putfile, Revver, Sharkle, SmitHappens, StreetFire, That Video Site, TotallyCrap, VideoCodes4U, VideoCodesWorld, VideoCodeZone, vidiLife, Vimeo, vSocial, Yikers, ZippyVideos… and any other webpage with embedded objects.

Works with:

FireFox 1.5 – 2.0.0.* ALL

ohh, forgot to mention, the file you downloaded has no extension. you have to put a .flv extension at file name. You need FLV player or VLC player to play this file.

Converting Video format :

Sometimes you may need videos in suitable format like wmv,mpg or else. For this purpose you can use many softwares like riva FLV encoder. But most recommended is CinemaForge

Even how to install and use it , I have found a flash tutorial too.

Enjoy !! happy hunting.

N.B. = Some may tell about other extensions like greasemonkey, but I have installed all of them and I have found videodownloader best . So no tension !

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