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Scene 1 :

Almost a year ago. One of my friends father died. He was admitted in Shikdar medical college for some cardiac check up. Doctors found some block in his heart and told that he need some operation. They ( patient family) were willing to take him abroad for better treatment. But doctors always said that , theres some life risk for patient in moving. They even didn’t give  the engiogram(not sure about the spelling and lazy enough to check it 🙂 ) report to patient’s family. So they couldn’t verify that report by other doctors. Well , so far no complains. They made delays and more delays in operation. And one day , they decided to take him in operation table. He was quite fine till then.

After some time , One of my friends called on my cell , saying that , his ( uncle , my friend’s father) is in very crucial state,very little chance of life. I wondered , only a couple of hours ago , I heard ,he was OK. How could situation get this worse ! Well, doctors said after taking him to operation table, they found water in his lungs.And that was too late. Well , some of my friends studying MBBS , some MBBS passed doctors told me that , this was total insane. A doctor is supposed to check all this things before proceeding to any surgery.

Still , I can’t forget my friend’s face.How helplessly he was crying. And I lost my total faith from bangladeshi Doctors.

Scene 2:

[This part is told by a medical student ; its totally truth]

First day for medical students to dissect dead body. After seeing dead body for first time, most of the students feeling very awful , their face is pale .Suddenly a drop sound. A huge sound. A student is fainted. Pretty much common phenomena for 1st year MBBS student.

After 3 years, that student was the most influential political leader of ruling party. He was the one , who loved to be violent. Seeing opossition’s blood was something that he liked very much. A 180 degrees shift only in a few years.

There are some other stories. I have seen in other medicals , how badly students are involved politics. From my little experiences , I can say that , the worst form of student politics is practised in medicals. But the shocking thing is, studying in medical is the tough-most thing according to my view. In engineering , you have some style of understanding,some ways of reading. But in medical you have a vast syllabus . You have to memorize it 1000% . I wonder , how they could get time for politics.

Scene 3:

Medical admission test result is withheld for 6 weeks by high court since some students claimed that , question was out by some politicians before exam.

Well, this is nothing new for medical exam. Every year this drama happens. But political Govt. usually dont let this to be hige. But this time it’s non political care taker govt. So , a little problem. As a consequence , many things came to light.
So far I know , their claim is 100% right.

Let’s sum up :

Above mentioned incidents apparently have no connection. But a little deep think would tell you , what is happening. Our country is destroying. Scene 3 causes Scene 2 and scene 2 initiates scene 1.

I guess ,that day is not far enough , when we will go abroad for curing diseases like fever,cough or anything.

[ Well , I do believe there are some good doctors in our country. But they are at most 5 % of the total passed doctors in a year. So this writing is actually indicating the majority, not all]


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You might have seen the advertisement of Fair and Ever in Television. Those,who haven’t seen yet , I am telling them. Its a fairness cream like famous fair and lovely. In their advertisement , they showed , a handsome (!!!) man come to see a woman for marriage ( partner selection , you know , typical Bangladeshi culture). Then he discovers that , the girl he watching , is blackish in skin color,rather her sister is brighter, so proposed to her sister. Then the first girl , starts to use fair and ever , turns brighter, and that stupid boy starts to like her. That’s the main story in brief.

I was really shocked , after seeing that dumb advertisement. How a man could think of such a stupid advertisement. I am really thundered , after realizing that , how much humiliating that advertisement is. It’s true that in old days , we liked to prefer ladies by their skin color.But days have changed. I thought , we all now have learnt that , education , culture overall humanity placed far far ahead from skin color.But I am wrong pathetically.Believe me , every second of that advertisement really burns me out. Those who made that advertisement , has seriously insulted humanity and in some sense i think they promoted racism(implicitly) and gender discrimination.

I guess , some of you , would like to argue that , “you ( myself,writer) are a boy , and when you will go for your marriage , you will also like to find out a beautiful, brighter skin colored girl” . Well , first of all , everybody loves beauty. There’s no complain about it . You may have some deep crush for a girl , after seeing her. But for how many days ? I guess maximum 1 year. After that , if you find that, she hasn’t that soothing personality and cultural level , how would you feel ? This does not mean that , beautiful girls are all dumb. I am just saying a chance.

We have passed a long path in 21st century, thorugh our science, technology , art , culture and philosophy. I feel really very sorry , when I see , people loves to think that way. They ove to think , their wives should stay in home rather going to work places. I feel sorry when I see , people gives highest priority to skin color.

I think , fair and ever is just an example. This is clearly showing us that , how much behind we are . Only some seats in parliament , allotted seats in bus or some conference do not mean anything to female freedom. In a male dominant world , it still matters , how males are thinking . Until that thought is changed , nothing is changed , nothing is healed.

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After watching last couple of days activities in news , this question is strongly striking me inside my head.

Culture is such a thing which is transforming continuously with the attitude and activities of people living a certain land. Like we have culture of music,art,entertaining guest and other many positive things. But i think that , very slowly some real bad things penetrating in our culture. What are those ?

Like, corruption. Its true that we have corruption for years , but TIB report is strongly saying that day by day we are becoming irresistible in corruption. Now , I can say , as a nation we are really at some higher stage of corruption.

Well, corruption is not the point for which I am writing this blog. The point is crossfire.

About crossfire , my view always uni directional. I don’t think its a healthy symptom that we are killing people without judgement. This is what should not happen in a democratic moderate country. Many may disagree with us . But still I don’t think its a good sign. And beside that , I think its an intentional killing. My only question is why a single fundamentalist was not killed in last 5 years ?

All of us have some hope about care taker government. We all think that , days will be changed in times of care taker government. I thought , at least , in times of care taker government , there will be no “cross fire” . But alas, I was wrong. Police and Rab are happily killing people. I think not only me but also many people don’t want to see care taker govt. in this form. Even one of the advisers also said in the same way.

I am afraid , this cross fire culture is going to be well established in our life. This is not what we want. Even those established this “crime” , previous govt. , may suffer with this. If power is changed , then there is no reason to think that , new power monster would show mercy. The ultimate loss is to our humanity and specially to our culture.

I think , we don’t like to be introduced as a “savage” nation.

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People all around the world may be sensing a wind of change. A wind that changes the globe.

yes, I am talking about latest defeat of Republicans in US Congress Election. People all over the world are really threaten by this conservative republicans.They are forcing everywhere in name of establishing peace. It’s our bad luck that we have to learn about peace from such a person. I agree that , by nation, Americans always want to rule the whole world.It’s their ill mentality. But all Americans surely don’t want it in the same way. I support democrats because , first of all , whatever happens,I am a die hard fan of democracy. and secondly , they are more liberal than those republicans.

You can ask me “Why you are so happy that Republicans are drowning under 6 feet water ?”

yes , of course I have reason behind that. I don’t like US policy in our country. I don’t like political parties licking their legs all the time. I don’t like them to advise us all the time. We may be inferior nation , may be under developed country. But we have sovereignty. I don’t like US ambassador threaten us every time. I think policies would change in turn of democrats. They will show us a minimum respect. a less interference in our internal matters. May be I am wrong. Maybe nothing will change , but I am just optimistic !

Well , I think , things are going to be changed. Wind of change starts to flow over the world.Cross your finger and hope for the best !

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This question came to my head at first when I was HSC student. Infact from my school life , I have seen that all the students make good output in exams are at least from a solvent family.I can’t remember any good student who came from a poor family. Well , I am not telling that all meritorious students are from solvent families but they are only exception according to my observation. And you would agree that “Exception can not be an example”.  After expressing these view , I know, which question would come o your mind.

***How many students I know?

>>>> Well, according to total number of students in Bangladesh (in a particular batch) , I know very very little. But due to live in capital of Bangladesh ,  had the privilege to study in some popular faces. First of all , though my school ain’t a famous one , but I read in a great coaching center ( very famous that time ) , had the good luck to study with some real geeks and nerds. To tell you the truth , I met all kind of students there including all the toppers of my batch who are currently ruling many of the top most universities in Bangladesh. Sorry to say , I didn’t find one who was from , a less-stable family(financially). Then I came to read at Notre Dame College, which is the top most ranked boys college in the country. I met all types of student there. Unfortunately again, Most of the great positioned students were from solvent family. Not only college , but also in separate subject coaching , in some great teachers house, I found maximum students from solvent family.

And now in BUET, I found that most of the students are from economically balanced family.

I am not telling that, all students are from rich family, but a majority portion of it. I don’t believe that , only rich students are good at education. I have also founded a reason behind this. Do you know , the average skill of a school teacher ? His knowledge base ? Well, I have to teach some school boys for my pocket money. I have seen how much pathetic most of the school teachers are. Unfortunately , these teachers are teaching in all renowned schools. I found that , they have no idea what are they teaching. They just know how to cut marks in exam papers.  For instance , I have seen a math teacher, teaches in class 8 in a famous GOVT. School , cut 2-3 marks, if students write alternative proof of Pythagorean Theorem in their exam papers. ow , tell me , who gives them the right to do that, where that proof is placed in text book. This is just an instance. Now, the reason behind is very easy. Just try to think, in your career have you ever thought of being a school teacher ? I am sure NO. You might have thought about being University teacher or at least College teacher. But not school. Then just think , which sort of people are mostly doing this business ( I am using this word because actually they are doing so !!).

Well back to the point, I don’t think this is a healthy symptom for a country. If we can’t assure education for all , then we have to be happy with 40% “name-signature” educated rate. Proper steps should be taken quickly before situation goes out of hand.

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I have observed that , I have crush for TV/Movie heroines. I don’t think I am the only one in this business. Anyway , I can put some names [ famous surely] from crush list . Remember ,it’s not in any order/sequence. It’s just “names come to head first” order.

1.Drew Barrymore: Shes one of the cutest girls I have ever seen. Specially her stunning beauty in “Fifty First Date” , made me mad. Her smile , her style , her approach , everything is so cute.

I have seen him charlies angels and in other movies. But I think you may agree that , in fifty first date she was something very cool , very cute.

2. Katrina Kaif: Shes one of the most sensational heroines, I have ever seen in hindimovies.Really nice smile , with a alluring height and great figure, shes one of the hottest, one of the cutest heroines in the history of hindi film Industry.Its true that , so far I haven’t seen of her movie totally. But I have seen almost her every wallpaper or image available in internet. At first , she did a mistake in her first movie. But after that , I think ,shes quite stable now. She could easily play the role of any roman goddess or queen , I guess.

3.Joya Ahsan: I think shes the really beauty Goddess in Bangladesh. Nice smile , nice skin color , nice look, all makes her so enticing. Now a days shes casting in many dramas. But that does not bring any dullness I guess. The more I see her , I wonder. Recently , in a drama, in EID festival , I saw her , and simply astonished. God Bless her !!

Well , its just 3 crushes from each type of category. I wish I culd write more. But slow net connection is killing me. Besides , I have ate too much this night [ don’t eat that much Chinese food dude :P]. I hope, I will write something more , in near future.take Care.

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