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Dark Tale

It’s Almost 11:00 pm. A truck is running at high speed in Natore Highway. Actually , that truck contains a dead-body. It’s so fast because, they have to deliver the body as soon as possible. Driver is in driving seat and his helper sit besides him.

Suddenly, they saw one bearded aged man , is waiving his hand for a lift. Driver is confused and little reluctant to pick him up. But at the next instant he thinks that , in this cold night of mid winter, this man would face a severe pain to find a vehicle. so he stops by the road.

He asked: hey, where are you going?

Oldman: some place ,x. Will you please give me a lift?

(Driver thinks, x is in his way to destination. So he decides to pick him up.)

Driver: ok.you can go. but since we have only 2 seats , occupied by me and my helper. You have to seat compactly with us.

Man: No problem. I don’t need to seat with you. In fact I would be more comfortable with sitting in back space of the truck.

Driver: No man. You won’t. We are carrying a dead body in back space. You will be feeling bad.

man: hahah, no man. I am not afraid of dead body. You better give me a piece of cloth ,to sit on.

Driver ( with confused smile) : ok , as you wish.

Truck starts again. It’s again at full pace. Driver is in hurry. So he almost forgets about that man. Near 1:00 am , he suddenly remembers about that man. So he tells his helper to look at that man through adjusting side view mirror.

Well, driver’s bad luck because , he doesn’t notice that his helper sees “something” and becomes senseless. Driver is in deep concentration as he is driving through boring high way. After 30 mins, he needs to re fuel his truck. So he decides to take it from a road side petrol pump. After just entering into petrol pump, he sees, there is no one sitting in front of pump as he was naturally sleeping ( remember , winter night). So he calls his helper and finds that he is sleeping !! So decides to step down. After stepping down , he is the only awake man, in that silent premises. Suddenly he reminds of that people he picked up. He at once turns back to that back space of truck.

OMG ! What is he seeing ? He’s seeing that , the man he picked , is sitting in top that dead body and eating that deadbody. That deadbody is totally cut into pieces. Blood everywhere. And that bearded man is eating that deadbody with a great pleasure.

Truck Driver becomes senseless too.

NB: This is a fact in Natore. I have heard it from one of my cousins living in natore. Those truck driver and his helper was later rescued by petrol pump people. They find nothing in their truck i.e. no dead body but some blood spot. After gaining their senses, both ( driver and helper) were little mentally disordered. After being stable, they told exactly the same story. I am telling this story not as a ghost story or super natural one.But story of a man eater.


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One thing to celebrate. My blog has completed it’s 1000 hits. It’s something special. I was one of those, who was always reluctant to write some blog in regular basis. I had ( in-fact, still have) a msn blog. But most of you, may have known , logging to MSN is so painful due to extra SSL layers. So , my blogging career was gloomy. One day , Ehab , a very much talented developer from Golpo.Net , showed me his blog in wordpress. I was really impressed, and decided to have one. That’s the day of starting.I am wondering that, How could a messy boy like me, maintained this blog regularly !

Anyway , come to really Important thing. Those who knows me personally, have already known it. Its VOBODOHO. A place consisting of 3 upzilas i.e. 144 villages , situated in Jessore, is under water for almost 1.5 years. This crisis actually human created. More than 0.4 million people live there. They don’t have any food, medicine or any means of life. No work. In fact , they don’t have a grave for dead-body. They have got the cent percent educated rate twice successively.

Now , we have decided to do something for them. We have arranged a human chain at central shahid minar on 23rd December ( 1:00 PM). All people is invited there. Since this problem has a long term solution, we have to think about their food,medicine,clothing and rehabilitation . Besides, there are almost 800 students preparing for SSC and HSC exams.But they don’t have any money to complete all formal works before that. So , we need a huge amount of money for them immediately. For this purpose, we have opened a sms number where you can sms. Your sms revenue will be collected for those ill fated people.

You have to sms “VOBO” to 2233 ( From any operator).

Ahh, I have written a lot. Today , I have to finish. I dont know, when I will be able to write next blog. [ I am busy like hell . Every morning , I step out from my house , and enter my house at night 10-11 PM ]. Hope , I will be able to write soon. Till that , Good Bye and take care of your self.

btw , If you need any information visit : http://bhobodoho.blogspot.com

or mail: tuhin1983@hotmail.com ( Mr.mahumud , Student of Vtech)

You can read Dr.Muhammad jafar Iqbal’s Writing at http://www.shuchinta.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/09/mziSep2706.pdf

In fact best solution for knowing the latest updates, keep your eyes on this link


Myself, personally, updating the infos here.

So, Finally it’s bye. Take care.

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Pakistan Ruled us for 24 years. Its better to say , they killed us for 24 years. Totally demolished our economical backbone. Dare to change our official mother language. I can write pages after pages about those injustices. I want to ensure you that , I wont do that 🙂

lets come to the point. Since my childhood, I have seen , many people around me said that, “I am die hard fan of Pakistan cricket team” or stuffs like that. After a certain age , somethings started to strike inside my mind. Pakistan made so many injustices for years. they killed 1 million people of our country , they raped our sisters, they killed our think tanks, over all they tried totally to destroy us. In world history , many autocrats and other rulers , were sorry for their deeds[ though they didn’t kill 1 million people , hardly 100-200 people] . But pakistanis are strange. They never thought of saying sorry. In fact , once in a conference , Benzir Bhutto’s Secretary advised her to tell sorry for their ( pakistan) work. But she didn’t agree to do that. It’s very clear that , they are not willing to say sorry since they find anything bad in it.

Still there’s a cold relation between many countries after officially saying sorry in similar cases. But we are so noble , we don’t have any complain though pakistanis didn’t say sorry.Many people told me , not to mix up politics and sports. Supporting pakistan cricket team does not indicate you like pakistan. Frankly speaking , I have heard very few dumb words like this ! Supporting a team means , you have the support for whole nationality since those 11 players are representative for whole nation. Even I think , an Indian can support pakistan if he wants , but a Bangladeshi can’t.

Some people think , opposing pakistan means , you have to support India. But why that ? you can support anyone. Even you can support uganda [ if that country plays cricket] , but why them ?

Why we are so root less ? Why we are so oblivious ? How could we forget those sacrifices made by freedom fighters ?

Well , at the end , I want to finish it with a famous logic ( in fact a question) asked by my friend. Some people said (like nizami said in interview), after 30 years of liberation , its’s meaningless to find them. we should forgive them. For them , my question is , “suppose someone raped your sister , would you be able to forgive him after 30 years of that rape ?”

If your answer is Yes , then you can support pakistan surely !

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Realization …..

Ahhh, My days are busy like hell ! Level Completion Program in BUET , Department Picnic , IEEE Sparks Quiz Competition -all these stuffs are going like crazy simultaneously. Today I am having a very busy day. Everything was going fine!But suddenly I realized one thing.

I am not creative. All I do are mere , boring , physical labour based stuffs. But I have no deal with creativity. Some of my friends are getting ready for some performance ( songs), I can’t join them since I can’t play any instruments or sing. Hmm, I am not a good writer so that I can’t write anything like lyrics.

In my entire life all things I did , are not creative. I am busy with all physical labour based work. I am not doing anything to innovate. Some people say, I have skill in computer and Internet related stuffs. But are those things creative? I guess not. Like one of my favourite things is finding Exploit Codes for security holes from Internet . But I am not the person, writing those skillful codes. I am just finding them from Internet. Anyone good at searching , can do this. Searching ain’t a creative work. I have some knowledge about software’s and other things, those are also not creative. In-fact the problem lies in deep. I have chosen , network for my interest. So far what I did , that’s not creative since , network itself is not a creative work. I find the only creative work is coding/programing or graphics designing. But I am not good at anything of these. I am just a physical labor. I have done things like configuring servers , bot (IRC) , all these hells are so easy, that anyone willing to give some time can do these. I can not do anything rare found. I am finding this problem pathetic. Suddenly , all of my life ,work everything is in-front of a question mark. Am I doing wrong. Heck , I am even not tremendous in my study. I am not best in any field. Either I am destroying myself or I haven’t that capability never.

Time to give a deep thought about this. All I see in front me is a dark tunnel.

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