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After a long time , I am writing again about politics or I say about general people. Lets start it.

First of all congratulation to latest caretaker government. They are doing outstanding jobs so far. People are saying about their staying for infinite time. Well , I am not sure about that. I am actually against this. But I think they should stay unless they prepare a even play field for both parties. And an additional expectation from me. There are some decisions , which wont be taken by any political government in near future. One such is already taken , separation of judicial section. I guess there are some other fields like making tv/radio autonomous , making anti-corruption department a stronger one.

well, now come to a serious point. Joint force is doing some serious action each andLet us not forget Humanity everyday. A heartly thanks to them. But I have some confusion. I have seen, they uprooted some slums. Its sure that , slums are source of many crimes like drugs dealing , arms dealing, prostitution and so on. But we should think that not all people are guilty. If you uproot so many people overnight, where would they go ? They don’t have the least preparation to leave that house. So they have to just live under open-wide sky, in this shivering cold.

Who is government ?

Government is like our parents. They take care of us. They are our guardian. These people live in a slum , can’t live upto the mark. Of course Government has some liabilities about this. May be up rooting them , make some govt. space empty and removal of some corruption. But won’t we think about these helpless, poor people ? if we can’t give them any place to live, then its our failure. Because , we gave them the chance to live in that illegal slum. Now without notice or any rehabilitation we are kicking their a$$.

Of course , we want a clean country. But we all know , this is not possible over night. So , I think CG should take some time , give those people a suitable alternative and them clean that slum. For the name of well administration, we cant forget humanity.


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Blog Writer is in Writers Block

I can’t write these days. For some unknown reasons, really I can’t write something from my own head. Even , you might have noticed that, I have published a sick story as my previous blog entry ( which is now deleted ) since I was total reluctant to write some thing new , something thoughtful.

May be this is what is called Writers block. I have opened this page 4-5 times, but couldn’t really afford to write a single word. Theres not a single plot in my head. Today I decide to write about my writing block. and now I am writing , and already I have written more than 5 lines ! Wow !! what a achievement !

Deep down in my problem , I found some of the reasons. For writing something, you need a cool head. But for past few days , I was busy. Cultural Program , VoboDoho, my study everything is killing me. In-fact , new problems are adding everyday. I have some big thoughts to think, some important decisions to make. So, I am actually out of my way of blogging. As soon as , I overcome these problems, I will come back.

Thanks for visiting my place. Hope , you will keep watching this page.

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