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This morning I read a news . 5 patients died in Rajshahi Medical College as doctors declined to serve due to some unpleasant incidents between doctors and patients ( doctors claimed , some patient’s relative beat them)

Raj Medical

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Hmm, I don’t want to discuss about what happened actually. Whatever it was , my key concern is doctors retreated themselves from providing service. It can be mentioned that , only a few weeks ago , almost similar scenario was created during the clash between 4th class employees and doctors. And as a consequence doctors declined to serve.

I wonder in which country we live ? Is there any law at all ? or is there anything called humanity ? Do we have proper respect to existing laws ?

Seems to me , the answer is a big NO.

Obviously we protest any kind of misbehavior against doctors and expect authority should take proper legal steps against them. But why retreating themselves from serving ? How could they let a patient die ? It’s not a question of being a doctor , it’s question of being a human. And if you read the whole news with care , you would find it normal to lose your thoughts , take some offensive stances , when your wife is dying , and no doctor is showed up for hours. I am not justifying his misbehaviors , but request you to understand how a man should feel.

Think that , 5 innocent people died only for some arrogant doctors. Everything will be normal in days , everybody will lead their normal life except those bunch of ill fated family who lost their nears and dears for some “snob” , “so-called-human” doctors.

Can those doctors do the same thing if that patient were in a private clinic ? I guess NO.

I had a very terrible experiment in Govt. Hospital, Where I had to go once to show my pathological test reports to one of the doctors. It was 11:00 in the morning , and I couldn’t find that doctor. Someone said “He’s in doctors common room ( or canteen) , and taking some cookie and tea” . I waited for almost 1 hour , and he didn’t show up. When I decide to leave , he appeared , after almost 1:15 minutes. There were almost 15-20 patients waiting for him for hours, most of them are seriously sick. Why they waited ?They waited because they had no option to go anywhere else , where they could be treated well in exchange of cash. Though not 100% doctors are like this , there are surely some very good exception, but you would definitely agree with me that , most of the doctors exactly match with above scenario.

These incidents somehow kill me very much. I know we can’t pay doctors well , as they should be , after studying the hardest syllabus among all U G subjects. But they should remember this , being a doctor is something very much special and noble. if you think you can’t continue to serve in such a low money , then you should give it up. But you haven’t no right kill hopes of thousand innocent lives.

I strictly think , retreating themselves from serving , is somewhat a crime and they should face the legal action for their deeds as they all are killer of 5 innocent lives.

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Rapidshare is almost a legend in public file hosting business in Internet. It’s really hard to find a dedicated internet user or semi dedicated user , who hasn’t heard the name rapidshare. Actually not only ,Rapidshare but also Megaupload is another Guru in this business. Thousands of files stored in these public servers by users all over the internet makes these sites something special. Though, it’s declared that , if you share any warez, illegal software, copy right protected item in those servers, and they get a complain against that , then files will be deleted at once. But heck ! There are millions of files and links are distributed in thousands of sites / networks. So its really hard to trace all the illegal files. Almost maximum warez servers live on this public download servers like rapidshare.

Hey , do you know another business is going on regarding rapidshare or megaupload ? its the premium account business. You may have experienced the necessity of having aBeware of cheating ! rapidshare premium account. Some smart people are exploiting this issue . Since Rapidshare gives some free premium accounts, some people posted article, blogs or posts telling that they are distributing free accounts. Not only this , some are saying that , they have a huge list of hacked rapidshare premium account. They give you a text file link which is located in rapidshare server itself. well how many of you got that given user login working ? Myself is not lucky enough to get those free accounts 😦 Actually many of users are helping some users to grab premium hours beyond their knowledge .

How it is ?You may have heard that the more the file you have uploaded is downloaded , the more premium points will you get. So what’s worthy like cheating people by saying about free premium accounts ! well , I am not telling all tricks are useless. Some of them are important. Tricks like eliminating waiting time by a JavaScript code or IP barrier by /ipconfig flushdns , /ipconfig renew ,/ipconfig release all these commands ( it worked in ancient days , you know 😀 ). But Rapidshare is always changing their policy to cope up with fastest brain of hackers. So you can’t be sure that , tricks you are using today will work tomorrow. Rapidshare is also a very common policy for blog writers to attract traffic . A blog title like “Latest Rapidshare Hacks” will bring a hell of traffic in your site. And who cares if you give them a hack which is obsolete for years. And interestingly , all the rapidshare premium hunter about whom I have told earlier, also make anonymous comments on these posts giving links of their uploaded “zoombie ( yes I would like to call it so ) file”.

So far I have found only one satisfactory solution to this rapidshare premium problem. Though i’m afraid this is not easy for everyone. You may have heard about rapidleech , a free server transfer script , allows you to download rapidshare (with some other major file sharing sites) files to your faster server, and then you can download files from your server to pc , at your convenient time. But main problem is , you are assumed to have a fast box connection with proper access. Remember , this requires (rapidleech) only PHP , nothing else ( i mean mysql or stuffs). so , think twice before downloading a long login list for rapid premium. May be you are helping some one to help his premium period unconsciously, and more importantly someone is cheating you , exploiting you.

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A tower

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Do we really have a middle class in our society ( according to earning) ? A very old and debatable question. Its true that there’s no “true” and “proper” middle class in our society.And additionally I would like to think that , its a bad luck for us, since its proven that middle class are always pioneer in leading any social revolutions as per history suggests !

Whatever it is , for my current writing I would like to assume that , we have a middle class culture in our society though it’s not really middle class.

Generally what are the most important things other than money in our life ? Answer may vary , but I think you will agree with me that “Religion” and “Sex” are both very potential choices. Thoughts were occurring in my mind for many days, how these really affect peoples mind.

After some days thoughts, I came to a conclusion that , two extreme classes namely Rich and Poor are not bothered by these usually. These bother only the remaining class aka middle class.

Why I am telling this ?

Let’s start with religion.Religion is the most ancient, well established institution among human society having histories greater than thousands years. Most of the religions give the outline of what to do and what not to do. Not to do list is a huge one. Drinking , telling lie, killing etc etc are placed in not to do list. From my experience I have seen that, there are many rich families who regularly make their prayer. Besides they don’t think twice before drinking ( thought I don’t think drinking is an offense) . They all have their high society stuffs and so on.

Same situation lies with Sex too. Most of them really don’t have any complex about sex before marriage, sleeping with other man/woman.

Look at lower class ( poor). They don’t have much headache about religion. You can see lots of rickshaws on street on the time of Friday Jummah Time. Obviously reason behind that is not same for both upper class and lower class. A lower class people is truly more honest than an upper class people ( most of the cases) and he struggles from hand to mouth to for maintaining his livelihood. But the result is same , neither he can’t pay much attention to religion nor it(religion) has a deep impact on his life. Without going much deeper , we can also say that lower class people also don’t have the hesitation about the right or wrong in SEX.

But all the above stated problems are well existed for middle class. they thought twice before making any decisions. Its middle class , who are always bothered about religion, about its instructions, right or wrong etc stuffs. They have also same sort of thinking about sex too.

I guess it’s all about education and ethics. Middle class is such a place, where you have a bit more money than lower class with addition of education. This class always hesitate to take a decision. I don’t know , whether they are doing right or wrong !

May be time can answer this question as well as it does.

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