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Have you heard about GNOME or GNU ? You might , if you are a person who browses Linux world regularly or using Linux for a while.

I am not telling you about “What is GNOME or GNU ? ” rather a interesting stuff,how they can be pronounced. At first I pronounced them as “Gee-Nome” or “Gee-N-U”.

After reading “the-da-vinci-code” , I came to know about the “GNOME”, i mean what is it’s historical significance and most importantly how it should be pronounced. According to thatGNU GNOME book , it is pronounced like “NOME” and that “G” is ignored. Using this formula, I derived “GNU” as simply “NU” and quite confident about this derivation.

But only a few days ago I was browsing Bangla Wiki , and I found a word pronounced as “GO-NU” project. I was shocked. What is this ! If this were any arbitrary bangla site , I wouldn’t be that much bothered. But it’s Bangla Version of WikiPedia , besides I know that the person behind this project is tremendously brilliant. How could I ignore him !

So my search begins and with a very little effort I have found the informations from internet.

“GNOME” is pronounced as “guh-NOME” and “GNU” is “guh-NEW”. Interesting is, I have found some other correct pronunciations that have haunted me for many days. Besides I came to know about ( actually in details) about Open Source and Free Source naming game.

You can read about the correct pronunciation from HERE.

I hope Bangla Wiki heads will give a quick glance to this and take the proper step !!

So it was an interesting morning for me , in search of two correct pronunciations ! See ya all later. Take care and Bye!!

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I have always been a great fan of Kishore Kumar’s voice. I was always astonished how a singer who has no institutionalized learning on singing became a singer !

Some “Tom Dick Harry” can’t do that for sure. Thats the mastery, supremacy of Kishore Kumar. It’s his voice that enchanted, in fact still enchanting millions of listeners souls. Few years ago , I read an article in some famous cine magazine , and I came to know that, a famous music director ( most probably Noushad , beg my pardon if the name is wrong) was total reluctant to use Kishore’s voice. He was not impressed by the fact thatGuru Kishore was not an trained singer but an occasional one. I totally agree with the view, but only about 99.99% mediocre voices. This is a fact , about the voices we see in so called talent hunt competitions like Closeup1 or Indian Idol. But I don’t know how anyone could think so about Kishore Kumar !! ( I should not say more than this since I am not even a bathroom singer :p )

Things I have found extraordinary in Kishore’s voice is his expression. He was so flawless in expressing. Obviously a great amount of thanks goes to music directors of that era specially to R D Burman with whom Kishore Kumar created a hell of magic !! R D Burman and Kishore kumar , a combination , which was so obvious to create a spellbinding music.

Recently while I was bored with all the songs in my collection, I decided to go through the Kishore’s Collection again. Listening them after a long time ( at least 6-7 months :P) is like rediscovering them. Every time I hear those songs , I feel blessed ! and I feel I should write some about him in my blog to share my thoughts with readers …

I am giving some song titles which I like most among all of kishores collection( may be its not a full list, rather just an instant one )

1. RimJhim Gire Sawan

2.Kasme Vade

3.Sheshay ke Gharo mein

4.Hum e tumse pyar kitna

5. Sagar jaisi Akhon wali

5. Neele Neele Ambar par

6. Sama hain Suhana

7. Zindegi ga Safar hain suhana

8.Chalte chalte

9.Tere mere

10. Hum e tumse Pyar Kitna

11.Pyar manga hain tumse

12.O mere dil ke chan

ohhh…. I guess I won’t be able to finish it 😛 so its better to give it to you…

Well , due to copyright issue I can’t give you any of the songs. But I can give you a place, http://www.mp3hungama.com , where you can look for most of these 😉

This is all for the day. I guess i will be able to write something again after a week.. till then take care .

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One of the major changes in Bangladesh in last 10 years, is certainly that , some telecom companies and MNCs started to pay higher salaries. When I admitted in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) in BUET , I saw that everyone is excited about the subject because of its huge job market. So , somehow its assumed that , a EEE graduate from BUET is obvious to join a telecom company.

Well , I can still remember what Physics says. Physics has some popular laws of Conservation ( like Conservation of mass , conservation of energy etc), which actually states that you can’t achieve anything from nothing. You need to put some hight input to get a satisfactory output. So , does we violate the laws here ? I mean we can get the big money . What’s the input here ?

The input is your life.

I can assure you that , you won’t have a life when you get a high paid job from this companies. I have seen a lot of examples in my life. First of all , I should talk about my cousin Pranad da , who is right now working in BRAC Bank IT sector , after working in many reputed organizations ( he’s quite famous for leaving his job and getting a better one). Pranab da is in service for many years ( like 7-8 years ) . I have always seen him tired ,Tired , Tired and TIred !! exhausted due to office loads. I have seen him to stay many nights in office to configure server/router/network or to repair it. Well like him, is my sister. Shes working for Warid Telecom Bangladesh. I can see under what pressure , stress and load she lives ! Every night I see her coming from office near 8-9 PM , taking her meal and go to bed, because she needs to attend office next morning at 9 AM.

There are another aspects that astonish me. I know Sumit Vai for many days. He’s my cousins friend , one of the founders of Golpo.Net. Sumit vai was a net freak , like hell. Well , Sumit vai entered in a job , and what can I say ! I have seen tonight in MSN Messenger, after many days. Is it sumit vai , who’s almost obsolete from internet ? After having a little chat , he said , “I gotta go because I have office tomorrow” . ewwwwwww man!

This night also I have a little chat with Farabi vai , one of the greatest seniors brothers of my life time , passed from my department. Farabi vai works for Banglalink. Well , I just sought an idea from him about a matter , and he repiled “Don’t ask me. I have forgot everything because of my job. Its killing me. I have just come from office” Well , I was chatting at something like 12:30 AM.

I am really much much scared. I know job means responsibility. They pay me high , so its implied I need to work more.Besides I can’t also expect the same flawless , singing – dancing student life ! It’s job world ! Its hard . But how much hard ? Is it logical to kill our other entities and run after the ambition and goals ?

I feel panic , when I think that I won’t have time to chit-chat with my friends , write some blogs or passing some good times in IRC ( i mean after coming from office , in night). If things are as hard as I see right now , then I think, its my last days in pompeii !!

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A few days ago I told that , Human Right is for all, in a debate discussion of Golpo.Net. I also told that, everybody should get the equal chance to express his/her view, whoever (S)he is.

Right now , I am withdrawing my words. Human Rights should not be applied to all.

Why I am telling this ?

Well, Recently I have visited a famous Bangla Blog Site after many days ( I don’t want to disclose the name , just as a hint , I can say that it starts with “S”. I hope smart people will catch it 😀 ). The more I surfed the site , the more I was stunned. Clearly the site is divided into 2 sides , Against the liberation of Bangladesh , Jamat-E-Islami and Against Jamat-E-Islami.

I had little idea how Jamat propagates their ideas thorugh some forums and sites in internet. But clearly I was unaware , how a famous blog site is used to propagate their views. As I told before in many posts that, Anti Liberation Fundamentalists are growing more powerful day by day. And it’s a non stop process from 1975. Most probably there isn’t any organization left today, which is free from Jamat influence. From English medium schools to universities like IBA,BUET, DU,CU even private universities like NSU, IUB every educational institution. They have their supporters in top position of every Govt. Office , N.G.O. everywhere. I say , they are the most organized institution in Bangladesh.

Frankly speaking I don’t like one of the oldest bangla blog sites to be used in this way. They may say , that Freedom of Speech is equal for all. Well , I thought so. Even I am thinking so. But think carefully its a human right which is only applicable to human. Do you really think , those Pakistani collaborators are human ? They should have the privilege to express their view ? Isn’t it enough that they are living in the country which they opposed ? Isn’t it enough they rode the power for once ?

It’s a request to the blog site administrators to ban those users who publish “moududi” doctrines there, otherwise you can not ignore the charge of helping them spreading.

** shit man , I am really sick , after reading those craps on the blogs 😦

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