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WWE is Everywhere !!

Blogging is becoming so tough for me. Increasing pressure of study and requirement of constant attention in other stuffs make it almost impossible for me 😦

Since class 7, I was a great fan of WWE ( WWF of that time). Wednesday was something very important to me because of the famous WWE show, RAW is WAR (Present RAW). Smack Down , velocities,AfterBurn ( later added on Ten Sports) , all were so special to me.

As an immature child of class 7, I was unable to realize the make-game issue of every match. But later, I could understand the business behind the every ‘dramatic moment” of WWE. Wrestling itself a million dollar business. A pure, neutral fighting wouldn’t hold people for many days. So, its mandatory to push some “preset” drama , some almost horror sequence and recently added raw sexuality ( thanks GOD ! it was not in my childhood. It could have spoiled me easily :P). Everybody was blaming then WWE for showing some make-game and defined watching wrestling as a “lame” work.

Enough of Wrestling 😛 Now come to the point. Recently I’ve become fan of two TV shows of India , One the famous Indian Idol and another one is Mirakkel ( a famous comedy show of Zee Bangla, which is million times better than other shits shown in Hindi Channels). There are many controversy of Indian Idol specially about the theme/concept of talent hunting. I wouldn’t like to go for that. Rather I would go for some other symptoms which led me to think that new WWE s are born !

very recently in an episode of Indian Idol, show conductors asked a contestant that , “is something haunting you in recent days ? ” The contestant replied “yes”. And after some predetermined chats, the fact came to light. That contestant was adopted by another couple rather than his real parents. He ( contestant) was not aware of this fact. Now he comes to know that, and he is gloomy for this reason. After that , both parents group were bring in front of the viewer and all emotional shits and bla bla.

I just want to say , What the Hell is this ? Is this a joke ? Whats the benefit or reason to bring one’s personal life on air. It’s just selling emotions for increasing TRP. There are many such events in this show. A fake chaos, a preset quarrel between judges, commenting excessively harsh on someone’s performance, blah blah — all these are part of the game. You can name it a ridiculous, dramatic moment but the truth is just like the ‘open secret’ of WWE.

Even some days ago while I was watching Mirakkel, I found something alike. Some cheap dialogues of humanity ( pardon me , but it was cheap). Some preset drama.

I thought, “come on. Give me some break !” Saying some cheap words of humanity, bringing some one’s life’s tragedy in TV is painful ! Some days ago we all blamed WWE, but eventually all other TV shows are running in the same road.

Since , it’s on Indian Channels, We need not to worry right now. But I am worried about the future. We are so fond of imitation. What’s showing in Indian Channels today, surely will be re-acted in Bangladeshi TV tomorrow. I don’t like our TV shows talking and acting this level of crap and stupid.

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I have got it many days ago (like4-5 years) in internet. After that I just forgot about this. Today I was going through my old stuffs in Hard Disk Drive and found this. Then I decided to share this with you, readers of my blog.

This is reality

The Photo is the Pulitzer Prize Winning photo taken in 1994 during the Sudan Famine. The picture depicts a famine stricken child crawling towards an United Nations food camp, located a kilometer away.

The vulture is waiting for the child to die so that it can eat it. This picture shocked the whole world. No one knows what happened to the child, including the photographer Kevin Carter who left that place as soon as the photograph was taken.

Three months later he committed suicide due to depression.

Award Winning Photography is obviously a copyright protected content. With due respect to copyright law, I have shared this photography with you because I think this photography is exceptional since it can change our thinking in many ways.

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1.”well , actually the day wasn’t for us ”

2.”We couldn’t play expectedly”

3. “Our technique is OK, but we have some problems in implementations”

4.” We had lack of concentration”

My intelligent readers, I hope all of you have understood already that these craps are nothing but dialogs spoken by our cricketers , after losing a game very badly.
Please don’t think , I am one of those , who are always one step ahead to execute the cricketers without realizing the situation. Read my blog carefully and I hope , then you will catch my point.

A bit rewind.

Few years ago when Bangladesh got the test status, everybody was so excited. Nothing strange in this. But I ( and I know many of you too) thought, that was something too early and inappropriate. I can still remember those days, when I told my friends that “Its to early for Bangladesh and most probably it’s harmful too”, they all stared at me with enormous disgust and tried to prove me a pessimistic one. I had to stop that day. But unfortunately after so many years , my words are becoming true 😦

I am neither a super-powered saint nor a cricket analyzer. I am ( actually was) just a great fan of cricket, who watched almost every game broadcasted in TV, even 5 day test match between Newzeland and Zimbabwe. From those games , I learned a simple thing , the true spirit of cricket. And that was the reason bothered me about test status.

Test cricket is nothing but a ordeal of concentration. You have to concentrate hard on the field.Unfortunately our cricketers still don’t have the ability to stay in crease for 50 overs in 95% matches. They are suffering in maximum one day matches to stay 50 overs. Its always our tail ender batsman , who don’t let us drown completely !

If you are a well informed and sports lover citizen of Bangladesh , you must have known the bureaucratic effort behind getting the test status. Obviously I am not ignoring the player skill , team effort and other stuffs, but I can’t ignore that “table-effort” too. You can achieve anything in table talk , but remember it’s cricket. Ultimately you have to perform in the field, no super hero of bureaucracy can save you there until and unless you help yourself.

I guess theres nothing to hide here. We can shout as much loud as we can that we have tremendous brilliant cricketers, but that doesn’t alter the reality. Not only mind blowing strokes are cricket, but also superior level of concentration is cricket. That’s why critics place batsman like Rahul Dravid in front of Jayasuriya.

Actually its not worthy to blame something of  past. We i.e. our cricket head should realize the simple thing, the thing every cricket viewer can understand. We need to play longer version of cricket. We should introduce 3 day ( or 5 day if possible) matches in our very root level of cricket. Our selectors and policy makers are very much busy in grabbing their commission from cricketers by managing them foreign brand sponsors. Now it’s time for them to look at cricket. Limited over cricket is not everything. We should remember that the posh cricket is the test cricket. If we need to enter the elite class of cricket, no alternative of performing well in test matches.

Success never can be achieved in any short-cut way.

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