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I took a resolution that I won’t write negative words for CTG. First of all, there is a state of emergency in state.Though journalism ( I guess same time blog writing too) is out of this state to some extent, but there’s a thin line between can do and can’t do as declared by Govt. , So, I wanted to play safe. Another important reasons behind this is my bad reputation for being negative all the time. People around say me all time that, I like to think negative. So this time I thought, I wouldn’t do anything. Let the time say the epic. No more speculation or else. So, this is the first blog of mine,criticizing interim government.

Why everybody were so cheerful, delightful after 1/11 ? Everybody thought this is end of something. May be we are just entering a period of infinite progress. A period, when every decision will be taken ensuring the well fare of public. Very few people then speculated that, this hope’s not gonna work. But no one gave them much importance rather criticized them for being negative and typically political. But what’s the present scenario ?

Today, I was watching News channel in TV and saw some clash between police and labors of Amin Jute Mil, Chittagong. They (labor) demanded salary of 2 weeks while authority were inclined to give them salary of 1 week.Point to be noted that, their salary for 12 weeks are due. So they protested and made some chaos. Police fired tear gas and charged batons to disperse them. At least one is dead and more than 100 is injured.

Now take a deeper look at the incidents. Interim Government took the charge and declared “Zihad” for saving jute industries. As a sign of “zihad” they shutdown 4 jute industries. If you looked at newspaper, you might know that, it needs a few times money to close the juteA land of Hopes or a land for beggars ? mills than bring back it to active state. Yes, we are in Zihad indeed, just not sure for which party we are fighting !! Another mock was made by an adviser Geeti Ara Safia, who claimed that nothing would happened to the workers in case of late payment since they have got the Blessing from ALLAH. One simple request to them, please don’t mock at us. If u people can’t solve the problem, just stay quiet. No need to make such “Altafian” funs.

Yes you can kill 1 labor and beat another hundreds since they were braking the rules, the rule of mighty state of emergency. You have the right. But do you go to the local market regularly ? Do you see the price jumping ? Its getting harder day by day to live comfortably for middle class people. So think about the lower class people who works in a jute mil and weren’t paid for months.

We are beggars. A nation of beggars. We can’t run out nation until we got help from the UN, IMF, ADB etc etc. And we neither want to. All govt.s, AL, BNP, Army people all were so good at begging. After 1/11, I thought situations gonna change. We won’t walk on the line showed by the IMF/ADB peoples. But alas, it’s completely wrong. We are walking more easily and straightly on that line. Now I can see that, as an elected govt, previous BNP AL didn’t dare to take such a mammoth decision of closing 4 jute mills. Frankly speaking, I wouldn’t wonder if they took some decision. But they thought about their chance of getting elected next time and also thought of the opposition parties. But interim govt. is so tensionless. They neither have the risk of being elected again and nor have the risk of opposition since it’s state of emergency and they are pressurizing the political parties. What I can see Bangladesh is eventually gonna lose all the jute mills, lose a huge amount revenue and it will no longer be our Golden Fibre.

Do you know about the Jute market of India ? Interesting. I was reading some articles a few days back, about the World Jute market. And India is replacing Bangladesh gradually. Why not ! We are closing and they are opening. They are getting all the jutes of Bangladesh. We just love to just shout on seminars about the industrial growth of Bangladesh. And in real time, we are just closing all the industries which can bring us most revenue. ADB , IMF etc are giving us more money than political period since they are happy in Govt. Progress. Why not ? Govt. is just taking the medicine according to WB/ IMF/ ADB prescription. More foreign money will come I hope. We need this, because since we are closing all industries, begging is the only thing left we can do.

I have given up all hopes about jute and frankly speaking worrying about the coal. I have read many articles about national coal policy. It’s too hazy. No one ( normal public) knows anything about this. This govt is just walking on the same road as previous govt.s did. May be one fine morning we will hear that, all coals of our country is the property of Asia energy. I won’t be shocked, really !!

Its all right that they are capturing the “fake plastic superheroes” of politics. But there are more important things than politics. They are not the elected people by govt ( though they have the people support, but its not proven election), they don’t have enough member in their committee to discuss. Why they need to take such critical decision ?

Lets say, they want the welfare of country, of us. How could they justify the closure ? Putting thousands of people work less, home less and throwing a prospective industry to darkness, what they can prove ? It’s true industries were running on loss due to the previous governments. But it takes less money to run the industries properly than shutting it down. They could run it again, and monitor properly this time. do they cut their head down when they have headache? I’m not sure.

I want to be optimistic. I hope interim govt will do the works properly and on priority base. They should remember, food and shelter is the foremost basic need. Politics is not. If they fail to secure people on this two point, they will face a severe situation. Doesn’t matter whatever charisma they are showing us in political field !

Photo Courtesy : Bangladesh America Photo Gallery

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