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Are You safe ?

Do you Watch Porn ?

Answer is yes for 95% reader , I am pretty much confident about that. Right now I can recall a statistics revealing the fact that , most of the officials in organizations like Pentagon or NASA browse porn in office. So, its nothing unusual.

USA along with other countries have an exponentially growing porn industry. They produce porns under some certain rules and regulation. But still human rights are violated in USA and other countries regarding this business. Specially forceful involvement of children is a giant problem.

We adopt everything from west. I am not saying that , porn was a alien concept to Bangladesh, but internet magnified this problem to a great extent. Neglecting the moral issues, porn is not that much problem when professional artists act there and it is distributed or sold under strict rules. But when some sexual actions are recorded without the permission of one or both of the couple, which is also named as hidden cam porn, raises a hell of threat.

If you are aware enough about what is happening in Bangladesh Internet Circle, then should have known about the hidden cam situations in Bangladesh. Some circles are releasing these porns frequently over internet. Most of this videos clearly indicated that, the female in that video, doesn’t know about the recording. In very rare cases, it is found that both of them are unaware. Few years ago, one young man living in USA and another in Dhaka, trapped many girls by acting of love. You can read them here and here.

But what actually is more devastating ( as I think ), is the mobile/cell camera. With the advancement in technology, cell cameras are heading to their best. Clear image quality, zooming and high resolution, makes all the videos and photos very high quality.

As a member of many forums ( both bangladeshi and non bangladeshi ), i have experienced something very horrible. Like a girl in a market place, who is a little unaware about her wardrobe malfunction, is captured by a distant guy with his high zoom mobile cam. No one can ever guess what is that person doing. Trust me , there are thousands of pictures in many Bangladeshi sites including the so-called adult forums of Bangladesh.

Innocents girls have no idea that without  a slightest mistake, what kind of pain they are going to face.This kind of things are spreading very fast. Like, only within a day, the photos are spreaded all over the globe. After that, those photos start to circulate in hundreds of forums. Thus, these photos are almost irresistible to spread.

I don’t know what Government is thinking about the problem. OR they even conscious about the problem. But with my little anticipation power, I can see a great devastation. A high social security along with the  improvement in mass mentality should be the only remedy.

In next part, I wish to discuss about possible steps to take. Till then take care.


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