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Hey , I am becoming lazy day by day. So its really tough for me to write blogs regularly. But I think I wont give up ( bad news for you , you have to see this worthless crap $hit for few more days). So , here I come back again !

One of the established fact of the world is give and take. No relation ( practically) can stay without fulfilling this condition. You can’t expect only from others. In order to keep a system alive , you must have to give something back return to their input.

Why I am telling this ? Actually current BTTB situation makes me to tell this. We all know ( though unofficially) that how much profitable was the business of VoIP. People became the millioner over night. Thanks to current CG for their drastic action against this.

Hey , are we getting the benifit ? VoIP gave us the benifit of calling outside in less cost. But it was illegal. Now we have to pay higher for ISD calls. And BTTB revenue increases abruptly.

This information led my mind to another thought. We pay higher for ISD calls , Govt. gets the extra revenue. Almost a year ago, BTTB declared per min 1.5 tk rate for land phone to mobile phone operators. We also agreed to that since in outer world everywhere land phone to mobile phone is little high. Its pretty astonishing that, our BTTB applies all the revenue earning policy , they learnt from other countries. But they haven’t felt the urge to provide real class service like other countries do.

BTTB infrastructure is nothing but a bullshit. 5-6 Years ago , We have to pay 18000 as demand note for land phone. May be currently its 10000 ( or less I am not sure ) . So far I know , no countries have such high one time payment amount. And what to tell about their services ? you are not willing to give those lineman bribe ? you don’t have enough hot connection to director level of BTTB or ministry ? wait and wait. May be , you can set an example like halley’s comet since It might take more than 86 years to connect your phone. Let’s assume you are somehow connected. Now real fun comes in times of festival like Eids. Suddenly you would see that , your line is dead and you can’t make that ok unless you pay some “very-much-legal-and well-deserved” money to those bunch of gentlemen named “lineman” .

Do you call this Service ? Is this what a utility service should be ? VoIP gives us easy and cheap solution to ISD calls. But Govt is not enough willing to take it. They ban it. They force us to use expensive ways. But why Govt itself is not willing to implement VoIP ? We can call to USA / Aus only 7 tk/min using those “012” dialing facility. But in SAARC countries we have a sky high call rate . For instance , India is our neighbor country. Each day 100 s of people going to India from Bangladesh for various purposes. But to dial India , we need 20-25tk /min.

Why we are just giving BTTB revenues and in turn they are giving us harassment ? Do they have any right ?

I think we are hostage to these utility services.


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