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Its been a long time since I wrote my last blog. Actually , my tremendous pressure of study and other affairs (!!) didn’t give me much room to write some craps here.

Well , for last few days , I am in serious trouble with my ISP. Those who knows me , has experienced the pain of chatting with me in MSN or anywhere else ( IRC ) , knows much better than me about my connection.

What’s the main problem with my line ? Well , it’s the same problem which are you facing more or less with your isp , if you are living in Bangladesh and using some $hit named Broadband. Actually, all ISPs start their business with a decent bandwidth, early customers think that their ISP is awesome and they are gonna rock forever. But situation seems to turn around when ISP becomes more familiar in the territory. A great number of people starts to take connection from them and all on a sudden those bunch of “intelligent” people got that , they are earning great money. Those idiots doesn’t seem to realize that , they need increasing b/w for their increasing amount of clients. They are trying to reach 200 clients with the b/w they bought for 20 clients. Besides, most of the isp setup are actually done by some free lancer network engineer or someone who is not 24 hrs dedicated to that ISP business. So you cant expect anything named service from them. Right now , my ISP hasn’t any network specialist with them. So a quack “network engineer (as he claims himself)” is trying to set things up. He’s facing the hurdles of running Linux server without proper knowledge. So , one very nice evening he requested me to set his linux gateway server up. And I deny that proposal at once obviously with great decency.

Actually the core reasons behind all these problems are same. It’s lack of regulation in this business from GOVT. Its true that , we have a very costly b/w infrastructure because of foolish acts did by previous Govt. regarding submarine cable. But beside that , ISP s are doing there business according to their own wish. They are selling the same amount of b/w for the same price where as b/w cost is reduced ( though not abruptly as it should ). So all the ISP authorities are just looking their own benefit. They are taking the reduction in b/w price as their scope for earning much profit. and we , the end users are totally messed up.

People in Bangladesh think that Internet means only VoIP. No one seems to bother about the low b/w at end users for which we cant browse properly, can’t download anything bigger and specially can’t upload anything.

Sorry to say , sometimes I feel cursed while surfing internet as a Bangldeshi citizen. I know it would be too much ridiculous to expect that C G will give a look to this sector , and we will get a fair enough connection in next 6 months.

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Already all of you know that , Tareque Rahman has been arrested. Frankly Speaking , I can hardly remember when I saw last time cent per cent people happy after hearing a political arrest news. And I am 100% sure , BNP and current AL didn’t have much difference. At least before 2001. Though AL is much more liberal as per their rules, But their leaders are not follower of their rules. Only a few days ago we saw some example regarding “Fatwa Agreement” . Anyway , back to the point. From 2001 , Tareque Rahman and other leaders set some sort of ill political manners , which was very much alarming.
And only Tareque Rahman helped BNP to reach such an altitude in corruption that , it was hard for any political party to break.
Now , the burning Question is , What is the Future of politics ? In proper term , I can hardly see any future of politics. I guess 1% of current politicians would hardly survive from Anti Corruption group. Then what would be our political state ? Democracy , for which we sacrificed a lot , is in front of a huge question mark. As I told in other writings I don’t trust “everybody” in politics , whether he is newcomer or not. Its the most established truth of the country that political parties stink and they did all the works to put Bangladesh in trouble. But with a deeper a thought , you would agree with me , that we have huge numbers ( in fact some 95%-98%) of AL and BNP supporters. It would hard for them , to vote in next election. Besides I think, it would be harder for parties to nominate 300 clean personalities in next election ( I have doubt. Do they have these number of honest politicans in their party ? )

As I see , next days are very good for us in clean and plane eyes. But with a thinker’s eye , things are not as simple as we think.

So I am with my fingers crossed. I truely believe politicians are much more connected to politics and normal people than any other “star-personality” and every party has at least 1 person in every constituency. It was just a result of bad practice , that parties selected dis honest persons for election. Now , if they try to select real leaders, things would go positive for bangladesh. Remember , we can not clean the garbage overnight whereas we deposited them for almost 35 years. So we should not expect radical change for our own sake. If anything like this happens , then that would be a indicator of some future trouble waiting for us in near future.

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